Welcome Statement

Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church

You are invited to join us as we seek to be God’s loving community for all who enter here.

You are received as a friend ….

  • just as you are, created by God.
  • whatever your color, culture and customs, your age, abilities, sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • wherever circumstances find you – in the midst of change or challenge or pain, in need of strength and hope, or in search of spiritual fullness and friendship.
  • whether you are a new visitor or an old friend, have no church home, have doubts or do not believe, or want to follow Christ and pursue peace and justice in Christ’s name.

You are embraced as an expression of the diversity and beauty of the creation God has given us. You are welcome here!

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Resuming In-Person Worship Delayed     

     In light of emerging data regarding the Delta variant of the SARS-CoV2-19 virus, the Trinity Church Council met Wednesday, August 11th to reassess the advisability of resuming in-person worship services. Although it was our intention that our 8:00am service would resume worshipping in-person this Sunday, August 15th, the rapidly spreading Delta variant and the little-known risks of its contraction by vaccinated and unvaccinated people alike has made resuming in-person worship at this time a high-risk proposition. Therefore, we have decided that we will not resume in-person worship yet and we will re-evaluate the safety and wisdom of in-person worship monthly at our council meetings. 

     We know that this is disappointing to many of you, especially those of you for whom worshipping on Zoom has not been a tenable solution. We, too, are eager to share Sunday mornings together again. The Church was always intended to be a gathering of Christ’s followers for mutual support and shared service. While we are blessed to have technological advances like Zoom and the internet to help us remain connected during this time, we also realize it is not truly a substitute for physical togetherness. We look forward to worshipping with you safely.

     In the meantime, unless your doctor has advised you otherwise, please protect yourself by getting vaccinated. Please continue to be vigilant in wearing your mask in public, indoor spaces. Please keep up your handwashing and keep yourself healthy so that when we gather again you are healthy and well and ready to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

In Christ, 
Pastor Stephanie and the Trinity Lutheran Church Council

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