Welcome Statement

Welcome to Trinity Lutheran Church

You are invited to join us as we seek to be God’s loving community for all who enter here.

You are received as a friend ….

  • just as you are, created by God.
  • whatever your color, culture and customs, your age, abilities, sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • wherever circumstances find you – in the midst of change or challenge or pain, in need of strength and hope, or in search of spiritual fullness and friendship.
  • whether you are a new visitor or an old friend, have no church home, have doubts or do not believe, or want to follow Christ and pursue peace and justice in Christ’s name.

You are embraced as an expression of the diversity and beauty of the creation God has given us. You are welcome here!

Trinity is a Reconciling in Christ Congregation. What does this mean? 

Resuming In-Person Worship     

As of September 11, 2022, Trinity has officially adopted a single weekly worship service Sundays at 9:30am.

We are taking special safety precautions and ask that all who gather in person with us follow these protocols:

  • We are asking that all people wear masks to protect the most vulnerable among us and to lessen the chance of spreading more contagious variants of Covid-19. If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a mask, please speak with Pastor Stephanie so we can make appropriate accommodations together.
  • We ask that social distancing between households/mutually agreed upon groups of people is kept. To assist you in spacing out, we have reoriented the pews and worship space to create more space between pews and we have pew signs you can take to your pew with you to help reserve an empty space next to you.
  • As this virus is airborne, we will be ventilating our sanctuary the best we are able by opening all doors and windows. It is a chilly time of year, so be sure to dress in layers that will keep you warm.
  • Fellowship time following our service will be limited to coffee and water right now and while the windows in the fellowship hall will be open, we will encourage you to use our outdoor spaces as much as possible since drinking coffee is best done while unmasked. 
  • The 9:30 service will be available online. You can livestream our service by clicking the “live video” button on our website or by following our Facebook Page – Trinity Lutheran-Alameda.
  • We will continue to post our service bulletins on the church website (a link can be found in our weekly email newsletter). We encourage you to either print out a copy at home or bringing your tablet/e reader/phone with you to use a digital bulletin. A limited number of bulletins will be printed and available on Sunday morning for those who need them.  

If you will be joining us at home via Livestream or are not ready/unable to join us in person or online and cannot print a bulletin for yourself at home, please contact Jessica in the church office. We want to make sure you are still able to worship at home as you need to. 

Watch past Zoom Worship Services, Classes or Other Offerings on Our YouTube Channel